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“Manufacturer is a legal entity or private entrepreneur, which, regardless of the method of sale, including online sale as a service of informational society in compliance with the consumer protection law, places on the market products and equipment on the territory of Republic of Slovenia due to its activity” is the definition in environmental legislation dealing with who is responsible for the collection and management of certain types of waste. A manufacturer is also a legal entity or private entrepreneur which places on the market products or equipment acquired in other EU member states (hereinafter: EU), imported from third countries or produced on the territory of Republic of Slovenia.


Dealer or distributer is a person who sells products or equipment to the end user as a part of its activities. They are tightly connected to the waste collection and management process, as they have a direct contact with the consumers or end users. Communication in the field of environment is extremely important, as it affects the correct and environmentally friendly waste management.


Consumer is a person who has used, is using or is intending to use electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, accumulators or other products. In accordance with the environmental legislation the consumer is obliged to discard waste electrical and electronic equipment, waste batteries and accumulators to the distributer or dealer, to the municipal public service provider as a separate fraction of municipal waste in collection centres or collection points whose operation is ensured by the manufacturer or the acquirer or in their name the joint ZEOS scheme.

Municipal service

The implementer of municipal waste collection service collects the waste electrical and electronic equipment and waste batteries and accumulators from the consumer by planned means. Based on their orders, the manufacturers or the ZEOS joint scheme collects such waste, whereby the collection is carefully recorded on a record sheet.


The joint ZEOS scheme regularly collects waste and transports it in accordance with technological processes. A part of the waste is transported to processing centres in Slovenia and a part of it is transported to other countries.


The working and processing of waste electrical and electronic equipment and other waste collected within the collecting network of the joint ZEOS scheme is performed in processing centres in Slovenia and abroad, in accordance with the valid legislation. For the processing segment abroad, the joint ZEOS scheme has acquired valid permits for international transport of waste.