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ZEOS, d.o.o. - The company ZEOS, d.o.o. was established in 2005 as the first and, up until today, the only national and non-profit joint scheme for waste electrical and electronic equipment management in Slovenia, by the liable persons for WEEE management as per the Decree on the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (Official Gazette of RS no. 55/2015).

ZEOS eko-sistem d.o.o. – Branch office of the company ZEOS, located in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Project LIFE “Slovenian WEEE campaign” project that the company ZEOS implemented in 2011 and 2013 and was intended for long-term awareness raising of target audiences about proper management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning – ensures a healthy living environment for all the inhabitants of the Republic of Slovenia and encourages and coordinates the efforts for sustainable development. Aiming to create social well-being, it is based on efficient and careful use of natural resources.


Slovenian Environment Agency – The Slovenian Environment Agency is a body of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning. It performs professional, analytical and regulatory/administrative tasks from the field of environment at the national level.

Chamber of Municipal Services – The Chamber of Municipal Services is an independent, voluntary, non-profit interest group of legal and private persons performing economic activities in the field of municipal services.

WEEE Forum - The largest organisation of waste management schemes in the world. The association brings together 39 WEEE management schemes from the majority of EU states, including ZEOS, d.o.o. It is intended for bringing together and exchanging experience and good practice examples. The WEEE Forum is a non-profit association that ensures an effective transfer of experience and finds funding through projects, financed by the EU funds.

Other LIFE projects in Slovenia:

Life Capacity building, intended for informing the public on the LIFE programme, promotion of LIFE projects in Slovenia and encouraging organisations and companies to apply for the LIFE project and consequently improve Slovenia’s efficiency in implementing the LIFE programme.


LIFE Conservation and management of dry grasslands in Eastern Slovenia – conservation of dry grasslands as well as plant and animal species connected to them in the following four areas: Haloze, Pohorje, Kum and Gorjanci-Radoha,
Applicant: The Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation


LIFE Genmon – monitoring changes in genetic diversity,
Applicant: Forestry Institute of Slovenia

LIFE PharmDegrade – solutions for removing pharmaceuticals from waste waters,
Applicant: ARHEL projektiranje in inženiring d.o.o.

LIFE Kočevsko – Conservation of Natura 2000 sites Kočevsko,
Applicant: Municipality of Kočevje

LIFE Dinalp Bear - Population level management and conservation of brown bears in northern Dinaric Mountains and the Alps,
Applicant: Slovenia Forest Service


LIFE RusaLCA - Nanoremediation of water from small waste water treatment plants and reuse of water and solid remains for local needs,
Applicant: Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute

LIFE Stop CyanoBloom - Innovative technology for cyanobacterial bloom control,
Applicant: Arhel, projektiranje in inženiring. d.o.o.

LIFE ReSoil - demonstration of innovative soil washing technology for removal of toxic metals from highly contaminated soil,
Applicant: Envit, okoljske tehnologije in inženiring d.o.o.


SI Natura2000 Management - Natura 2000 sites management programme for Slovenia 2014 - 2020,
Applicant: Ministry of Agriculture and Environment

LiveDrava - Riparian ecosystem restoration of the lower Drava River in Slovenia,
Applicant: DOPPS, Bird Watching and Bird Study Society of Slovenia


SIMARINE-NATURA - research and activities for designating marine IBAs and SPAs for the Mediterranean Shag Phalacrocorax aristotelis desmarestii in Slovenia,
Applicant: DOPPS, Bird Watching and Bird Study Society of Slovenia

AQUAVIVA - live water, from biodiversity to tapwater,
Applicant: Lutra, Natural Heritage Conservation Institute

SEPARATE COLLECTION – informing the public on environmental advantages of separate collection and recycling of municipal waste,
Applicant: Slopak d.o.o.

REBIRTH – promotion of recycling industrial and construction waste in the construction industry,
Applicant: Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute

Ljubljanica connects – Restoration of the Ljubljanica River corridor and improvement of the river’s flow regime,
Applicant: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering


LIFE AT NIGHT - iImproving the conservation status of nocturnal animals (moths and bats) by reducing the effect of artificial lighting at cultural heritage sites,
Applicant: Euromix d.o.o.

MANSALT - Man and Nature in Sečovlje Salt Pans,
Applicant: Soline Pridelava soli d.o.o.

WETMAN - Conservation and Management of Freshwater Wetlands in Slovenia,
Applicant: Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation


SLOWOLF - Conservation and surveillance of the conservation status of the wolf (Canis lupus) population in Slovenia,
Applicant: University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty


INCOME - effective management of contaminated aquifers– connecting procedures for discovering and supervising sources of pollution and measures for improving the situation,
Applicant: JP Vodovod - Kanalizacija d.o.o.

UNISASH - resource efficient, Universal Window Sash,
Applicant: Kovinoplastika Lož